5 crazy businesses that actually exist

5 Crazy businesses that actually exist:


1.) WTF Candles

http://www.prankcandles.com Sells many scented candles. Their candles may start off as apple pie, but after intense burning, their scent gives way to ‘dirty fart’.

2.) Pet Rock

http://www.petrock.com sells pet rocks to any lonesome person with a big heart. They boast that this is the only pet you’ll own that you’ll never need to feed, walk, bath or groom!

3.) The Cheese Lady

http://www.sarahcheeselady.com is a business that involves creating cheese sculptures. The guinness world record for largest cheese carving is 925 pounds.

4.) Customized romance novels

http://www.yournovel.com allows you to create any couple as their own characters in a customized romance novel.

5.) Used cardboard box marketplace

http://www.boxcycle.com helps you get rid of your old cardboard boxes. You can sell your used boxes with minimal time while buyers can easily find used boxes.

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